PHILLIP GIBBS has worked in the field of international issues for over thirty years with the United Nations, the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development, National Geographic and numerous other non-governmental organizations. His primary areas of expertise are program design, organizational development, strategic planning, and program evaluation. He has worked in Somalia, Mozambique, Croatia, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, and Namibia, as well as with numerous agencies and programs in North America, including positions as director of the U.S. Committee for UNICEF’s Campaign for Child Survival and executive director of New Directions, an international issues legislative action organization. He is currently an advisor to Voices for Biodiversity.

TARA WATERS LUMPKIN, PhD, is a co-founder of Perception International and coined the term “perceptual diversity” in 1994. She is an environmental and medical anthropologist who has worked as an international development consultant for UNICEF, the U.S. Agency for International Development and various nongovernmental organizations. In addition, she has worked as an environmental journalist and professor of writing and media, published poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and won more than a half-dozen writing prizes, fellowships, and grants. She co-founded Perception International’s project Through the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project in 2000. She is also the founder of Voices for Biodiversity, a grassroots multi-media platform whose mission is to enhance human connection with other species in order to protect biodiversity and arrest the sixth extinction of species.


JOANNE MCKINNEY is Chief Strategy Officer for the Burns Group, an independent, New York City-based branding and advertising company. Joanne has worked in brand advertising and marketing for more than 25 years on diverse and global brands both in the US and abroad. Most recently at the Burns Group, Joanne founded BGIN, a new venture focused on bringing essential branding services to start-ups. Joanne teaches branding at various accelerators and is a repeat guest lecturer at Harvard and Cornell. Outside of the workplace, she has a deep commitment to issues concerning youth and education. Since 2003, she has been the Project Director of Through the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project, an ongoing photographic project with orphans of the Rwandan Genocide. Joanne has worked to secure university education for all the Rwandan photographers she has worked with for more than 14 years. She serves on the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, her alma mater, and on the boards of the International School of Brussels Foundation and Perception International.