What Perception International Does

PERCEPTION INTERNATIONAL promotes biodiversity, cultural diversity and perceptual diversity through storytelling. We believe that the loss of perceptual diversity, cultural diversity and biodiversity are interrelated. Perception International manages innovative projects that allow storytellers to speak out and be heard.

Our storytellers use a variety of media and other creative art forms to share their stories, such as journalism, creative writing, photography, video and artwork. Most of our projects train our storytellers in the skills they need to best tell their stories using the medium they choose. Some of our projects use more experienced storytellers who need less skill development. Almost all of our storytellers do not have access to resources for the publication and distribution of their stories. Therefore, Perception International is an important stepping stone in many of our storytellers’ careers.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. It is necessary for the survival of local and global ecosystems, which humanity also depends upon for its own well-being. Our storytelling projects value the role of biodiversity in and of itself and as it relates to supporting humankind.

What is Cultural Diversity?

Over time humankind have developed many different cultures and ways to coexist — with each other, other species and the environment. Our storytelling projects value the role of cultural diversity, particularly when it promotes sustainable lifestyles.

What is Perceptual Diversity?

Perceptual diversity is the myriad of ways that humankind can perceive their experiences and the world around them. When people choose to use perceptual diversity, rather than see the world through one simple paradigm or one single “lens,” they explore different ways of living within their natural environments and also with each other. In doing so, people are able to think outside the box and address challenging issues, such as climate change, the extinction of species and human inequality.

Perception International’s Goals

To help people use storytelling:
(1) To adopt perceptual diversity as a new way of seeing and thinking so they can move beyond their own limiting belief systems;
(2) To promote and create sustainable and eco-centric ways of living that protect nature and other species; and
(3) To promote and create ways of living that promote equality for all humankind.